Monthly update: October 2020

by Hostmaster

OS upgrades spread until the end of the year, first Nomagic survey.

This month we would like to bring your attention to the irreverent art project by Paolo Cirio, a conceptual artist, hacktivist and cultural critic. The project was initially available at, which now redirects to the online petition (after Gérald Darmanin, the French home secretary, threatened to sue).

Behind the controversial art project is the will to bring forward the debate on whether facial recognition should be banned in Europe. The petition page contains a lot of content worth reading. Here is a tiny extract:

Automated Facial Recognition technology has already been rolled out in EU member states without public consultation. We demand the Members of the European Parliament and the European Commission to take seriously this enormous threat to human rights and our civil society and to legislate for the immediate and permanent ban on identification and profiling via Facial Recognition technology in all of Europe.
Facial Recognition is a particularly invasive technology. It’s not only about the surveillance of activists, suspects, and minorities, but it is an invasion of privacy for everyone and an enormous danger to democratic freedoms, civil liberties and free expression for the whole society.

If you wish to learn more of facial recognition in the UK, there was a dedicated talk about it at last year’s ORGCON:


destination We have launched our first survey to get feedback from our donators. The survey is anonymous and open until the end of the week. If you haven’t already, you still have a few days to let us know about the service(s) you use, and how you feel about Nomagic so far.



The support page has been updated to reflect the current preferred/fastest ways to get in touch when needed.


Applications upgrades

The following applications were upgraded to their latest stable version last month:

  • kanboard

Also, please note that:

  • WebDAV has been enabled on Seafile (see wiki for more information)
  • 2 plugins have been installed for Kanboard: calendar and Gantt.


Reminder: Important maintenance will show in advance on our calendar, which you can follow if you want to, by following the ical feed.

After a long pause, the work of upgrading the different containers has started again, and we are hopeful that all servers will be upgraded to the latest Debian GNU/Linux distribution by the end of the year.

Bugs and issues

  • We are still facing short-time latencies almost daily in regards with our load-balancers. No progress so far.

Coming up

web feeds

Our road map now includes:

Short-term objectives

  • Keep track of the Pleroma issue on following Peertube accounts.

Mid-term objectives

  • Update all servers to the latest release.
  • Keep on implementing security/privacy policies.
  • Review the survey answers and share the analysis.

Long-term objectives

  • Implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) so that Nomagic users won’t have to authenticate on each and every service in their Web browser.

Icons made by mavadee from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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