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Subscription plans

Becoming a Nomagic member gives you access to all services. Depending on your resources, you can choose between 2 membership plans: standard and financially insecure.
Your account will be opened once we receive the payment for the next 3, 6 or 12 months (more information below).


Getting ready to jump in?

If you wish to contact us to register or to get extra information before registering, you can do so by mailing us at

Personal accounts

This type of account is for private individuals. It includes all current and future services available for private use on Nomagic.

Membership Description 3-months 6-months 1-year
Standard This is the standard fee (2€ per week) 24 € 48 € 96 €
Insecure situation If you are facing financial insecurity, we offer a 37.5% discount on membership fee 15 € 30 € 60 €

Annual membership (96 € / 60 €) in one go is best for us, but not an absolute requirement. However, a minimum renewal of 3 months (24 € / 15 €) at a time is required, so that we can keep accounting simple.

Payment can be done:

  • Directly via bank transfer, using this online form to apply for a new subscription.
  • Alternatively, you can use helloasso 1, which enables card payment as well as payment from non-euro currencies.

After the subscription payment is received, we will activate your account. You will then receive an email to set your own password. This will define your membership anniversary date.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not hear from us!


We offer additional services to small and medium associations (mailing list2, online survey, possibility of hosting a forum with flarum).

The cost for not-for-profits is 10 € per months (120 € / year) for a dedicated account. It is possible to request for creating additional accounts for the organisation’s board, at the rate of 2 € per month and per person. We do not support creating custom account for non-board members.

This is a single rate for all sizes organisation, no matter the number of services used. The storage space is subject to flexibility on simple request, as long as this stays within reasonnable limits (Nomagic is not a one size-fits-all).

Not-for-profits that wish to use their own domain name for their mailing list(s) managed by Nomagic can do so, but must be ready for a few weeks to get everything configured since this implies actions from both sides. Please note that most other services are shared, and as such are not eligible to any customisation on the domain name used.

Please contact us to determine if our solution is fitting your needs.

Note: please be careful to not include any Web link or attached file in your email, as it may result in being discarded automatically.

[1] Helloasso is an online platform widely used in France by not-for-profit associations to collect subscriptions fees. It is not Open Source and we only have an account there.
[2] Please note that in order to use our mailing service it is required that you own the domain you want to use for the mailing.