Joining the librehosters network

by Hostmaster


Formally announced following the kick-off meeting which took place last November (2018), the librehosters network carries core values similar to those of CHATONS.

The biggest difference is that, while CHATONS is not strictly restricted to France (as we can attest), it is a French collective, engaging and debating in French language.

globe Librehosters has been conceived from the start as an international network of online service providers (hosters) aiming at gathering entities of all kind around common values. The librehosters charter is still a work in progress, however the defining values can be summarised as:

  • Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS)
  • Decentralisation for a healthier Internet
  • Full disclosure and transparency
  • Public sharing of knowledge
  • Diversity: each hoster comes with his/her own solution
  • No data monetisation (Your life, Your data)
  • Solidarity

Needless to say, we see nothing wrong with those values!

Keep on rocking in a free world

Nomagic is thrilled to join the librehosters network. I hope we will find the time and opportunity to take part and provide meaningful contributions to this great endeavour.

If you are curious or/and are yourself a service hosting provider that would like to know more, feel free to visit the librehosters forum, which already contains a lot of resources and discussions about the project.

Internet SVG icon designed by Flat Icons from Flaticon. It is purely for imagery, as librehosters do not have an official logo yet (that will be for another news!).

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