Monthly update: February 2021

by Hostmaster

Upcoming changes and recap of last month actions.

Exodus Privacy logo This month we’ll talk about an app available for smartphones on Android called Exodus Privacy. It is intended to let you know the degree of privacy of your installed apps, so that you are able to make well-thought-out decisions about what to keep and what could or should be replaced by something closer to your privacy requirements.

It’s both educational and informative, and it’s of course free software (main repository here).

The official website allows you to look for any apps available in their database. It also contains additional sensitisation and explanation material.

In a word: swell!


No videoconference sessions have taken place so far, since nobody registered. If you wish to have a discovery/ howto session on a specific Nomagic service, please reach out. As earlier, upcoming sessions will be announced on our Mobilizon group.

We are also going to organise monthly discovery sessions to ease out first contact with people interested in Nomagic.



Applications upgrades

The following applications were upgraded to their latest stable version last month:

  • Mobilizon
  • Matrix
  • Element-Web (Matrix web client)
    • The client preferred URL is now


Reminder: Important maintenance will show in advance on our calendar, which you can follow if you want to, by following the ical feed.

  • This month we successfully tested our backup by restoring a container, and further restoring a database to an earlier date. We are in the process of finalising the associated documentation.
  • The Matrix server has had its storage cleaned up, removing empty rooms and old messages from federated servers.

Bugs and issues

Nothing particular, except that some long-standing issues (at our end) have been addressed on Matrix during the last upgrades.

Coming up

web feeds

Our road map now includes:

Short-term objectives

  • Upgrade the last 3 servers to the latest release.
  • Convert Nomagic to a non-profit organisation. This will allow better management of subscriptions, and help us grow in the long term.

Mid-term objectives

  • Keep on implementing security/privacy policies.
  • Implement Single Sign-On (SSO) so that Nomagic users won’t have to authenticate on each and every service in their web browser.

Long-term objectives

  • Rent another server to handle our increasing load and allow for new services.

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