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Let’s make it crystal clear

The web applications and the catalog of services might be subject to changes, depending on how the different projects evolve. The services are mostly provided ‘as is’, with little to no differences at all from the original project. We are not involved in the development of these applications, and are not equipped to maintain the code or further develop them. However, you are free and encouraged to contact the teams in charge of a project if you want to discuss about improvements / better compatibility / etc.

You can of course also report issues to NOMAGIC (preferably on the forum for visibility to other users). If it turns out to be an application issue we will report it to the associated development team.

Covering the basics

Here are the standard-compliant, secure and privacy-friendly services that you have access to as a registered user:

For personal accounts


  • Free Software used:
    Postfix / Dovecot / Amavisd-new / opendkim / opendmarc / postgrey / clamav / spamassassin
  • What we provide:
    Get 1 GB of storage for your mailbox; with our file hosting (Seafile) and temporary file hosting (Lufi) services, you should never have the need for so much space. Our mail server integrates anti-spam / anti-virus / greylisting / enforced proof of identity (using SPF, DKIM, DMARC). You can connect to it from any client supporting IMAP (standard protocol to retrieve emails) back to top

Webmail, address book and calendar

  • Free Software used:
    SOGo, a simple and eye-candy Groupware to access some of your most private data.
  • What we provide:
    No limit on address book / calendar creation. Handling basic Sieve filtering (tagging, vacation auto-reply, etc.) back to top

File hosting

  • Free Software used:
    Seafile, an enterprise-class file sync and share platform with high reliability and performance.
    • Create encrypted libraries for sensitive files requiring higher security (even we cannot decrypt it).
    • A plugin for Thunderbird allows to automatically upload bigger files and generate a link. This a great way to keep your mailbox tidy (and those of your recipients as well!)
    • Organise your files into libraries and folders.
    • Share what you want or even allow upload for others to specific directories.
    • Keep your files synchronised with your devices via Seafile software clients available on all platforms.
  • What we provide:
    4 GB of storage to use the way you see fit. back to top

Temporary file hosting

  • Free Software used:
    Lufi (Let’s Upload That file) is a swift little web application that allows you to upload and share temporary documents. Everything you share through Lufi is encrypted on the server, so only you and the people you share your files with can read them!
  • What we provide:
    You can use Lufi to upload files and share them temporarily with the following possibilities (visible via the info link on Lufi’s main upload page):
    • between 0 and 100 MB, the file can be shared for up to 90 days.
    • between 100 MB and 500 MB, the file can be shared for up to 30 days.
    • for 500 MB and more (Maximum 1.0 GB), the file can be shared for up to 7 days. back to top

Messaging platform

  • Free Software used:
    Matrix Synapse / Mxisd / Riot, to provide a full-fledged local instance of a Matrix system, which itself can contact and interact with any Matrix server part of the federation.
  • What we provide:
    You can use the Riot client to connect to our instance and from there:
    • join any room you like, locally or on the federation
    • you can call and use visio on direct chats with any other Matrix user
    • create your own rooms and communities (if you like!) back to top

News feeds aggregator

  • Free Software used:
    Tiny Tiny RSS (ttrss) will get you as close as one can get to quickly and efficiently follow up multiple news feeds from a unique interface.
  • What we provide:
    Unlimited subscriptions, and the possibility to activate many additional plugins, including:
    • the wallabag plugin, which allows you to save an article from a news feed, straight into your wallabag account. back to top

Collaborative notepad

  • Free Software used:
    Etherpad, an online editor providing collaborative editing in really real-time.
  • What we provide:
    We use the plugin MyPads as the main Etherpad interface. This plugin, which provides private pads and a way to gather and organise your various pads, was originally crowdfunded by the French association Framasoft. Further development made this plugin fully compatible with our directory. See our wiki page for more details. back to top

Collaborative markdown notepad

  • Free Software used:
    CodiMD, a real-time and collaborative online editor in Markdown syntax.
  • What we provide:
    Discover, experiment and collaborate as much as you want on CodiMD. See the ‘features’ page to get started.
  • Licence: AGPL back to top

Online document editing

  • Free Software used:
    OnlyOffice, an Online document editors.
  • What we provide:
    We only use the Document Edition side of this application, which has been integrated into Seafile. As of today OnlyOffice allow read-only edition of Open Document Format (odf and common derivative filename extensions: odt, ods, odp) and read-write of the Office Open XML (Microsoft own engagement of Document Office open standardisation). back to top

Kanban project manager

  • Free Software used:
    Kanboard, an application not for everybody. It’s made for people who want to manage their projects efficiently and simply. Kanboard is highly configurable and let you create automatic actions to improve even further readability and efficiency.
  • What we provide:
    Create as many projects and tasks as you want. back to top

Instant messaging

  • Free Software used:
    Openfire is the server software we use to provide XMPP service. XMPP is THE standard-compliant, real-time communication protocol that allows simple and secure instant messaging with any other XMPP server (as long as both servers have inter-connection enabled). Thanks to the simplicity and power of XMPP (formerly known as Jabber before the standardisation process), you can very easily add contacts to chat with. Use any XMPP-compliant client (preferably well-known open source ones) on your computer (ex: pidgin, jitsi) and/or smartphone (ex: Xabber) to chat with your contacts.
  • What we provide:
    • XMPP chat with user is part of our support escalation process (reserved for specific issues that require user’s action while monitoring the system). back to top


  • Free Software used:
    Dokuwiki is a simple and mature wiki solution. This is the home of our documentation, and the perfect place to put together and organise the notes you have accumulated using Turtl!
  • What we provide:
    Every account comes with a private Dokuwiki namespace that you can use however you want. back to top


  • Free Software used:
    WordPress is a hugely popular Content Management System (CMS). Part of its success can be explained by how easy it is to get started with WordPress. The numerous themes and plugins available make it a very versatile base that you can turn into pretty much anything you want. Successful solution are big targets for online bandits though, so please be careful when looking for new themes and plugins to install.
  • What we provide:
    The blog is optional and will be created on demand. When you feel ready, just drop us an email at support@nomagic.uk with the subdomain of your choice, and we will deploy your blog as soon as possible and let you know once it is ready. The resulting domain will be: <subdomain>.blog.nomagic.uk. back to top

Git-repository manager

  • Free Software used:
    Gitlab is a full-fledged solution to handle git-based project of any kind. You decide whether how to declare your projects: public, restricted and private mode allow you total control over what to share with whom.
  • What we provide:
    • Create up to 10 projects
    • Oauth possibility from gitlab.com and github (so that external people can connect and open issues)
    • Possibility to reply to issues by email back to top

Video streaming

  • Free Software used:
    PeerTube (currently in beta version) is a decentralised platform for video streaming. Upload your videos and share them with the world! PeerTube servers can follow each others to grow their catalogue. This means you videos will be in the catalogue of any PeerTube server following our instance. Who said we needed huge server farms to run a streaming platform?
  • What we provide:
    • Use up to 5 GB of videos however you want, providing proper netiquette is applied.
    • All high resolution videos are transcoded to 720p and 360p versions to allow reading on lower bandwidth connections (transcoded versions of your videos are not counted for your quota usage). back to top

Temporary image hosting

  • Free Software used:
    Lutim (Let’s Upload That IMage) is another web application from Fiat Tux(along with LSTU & Lufi). Lutim allows you to upload and share images in a quick drag and drop fashion, similar to Lufi. You have the possiblity to encrypt the images you upload, though it’s only optional.
  • What we provide:
    • You can use Lutim without any quota (as long as storage allows it).
    • The uploaded images can be let indefinitely (optional, will only apply if the image is actually read once in a while. Remember this is designed for temporary sharing). back to top

Read-later online tool

  • Free Software used:
    Wallabag allows you to easily save and classify articles. Read them later. Freely. Wallabag has Firefox and Chrome plugins to quickly save a page you are browsing. The Android application allows you to quickly load up and read your saved articles.
  • What we provide:
    Save as many pages as you want! back to top

For associations:

Please contact us by email if you want to use our infrastructure for your association.
The following services come in addition to the ones provided for private individuals. Please note that some of the main services are also compatible with organisations like Kanboard and Seafile which can handle groups.

Mailing list service

  • Free Software used:
    Sympa is an open source mailing list manager. It provides advanced features with a rich and secure web interface.
  • What we provide:
    Create and organise your mailing lists for a dedicated subdomain via your own portal access to Sympa.
  • Requirements:
    • You need to own your own domain in order to use this service.
    • Do not use our mailing service to send unsolicited emails. Aside from internal members of your association, all receivers should have either subscribe themselves or explicitly accepted to be add to your mailing list(s). As per our Terms of Service, failing to use this service in a most respectful manner will result in sanctions and possible termination of our agreement. back to top

Online survey tool

  • Free Software used:
    LimeSurvey is a free and open source on-line statistical survey web app.
  • What we provide:
    Create your own survey from A to Z, make it public or restricted and get visual statistics from the results. And to enforce privacy, surveys can also be set up to enforce anonymity!
  • Requirements:
    • Be respectful of others’ privacy and only send surveys to people who agreed on participating beforehand.
    • Likewise mailings, survey links should not be sent to random individuals or entities in any way that could be assimilated to spam. As per our Terms of Service, failing to use this service in a most respectful manner will result in sanctions and possible termination of our agreement. back to top

Freely Accessible Services

The following services are provided free of charge by Nomagic. Feel free to use and share with others. Most of the services come with optional password setup to limit access to the resources, and some come with full-fledged security (ex: Turtl). Others are very limited and do not offer any security (ex: EtherCalc should not be used for anything sensitive).


  • Free Software used:
    Turtl is a private place to keep your notes, passwords, bookmarks, etc. safe and secure. Your notes are easily synchronised via the Turtl Desktop and Android Applications.
    Important: Because the notes are encrypted on the server, it is not possible to recover notes if a user password is forgotten.
  • Link: Client from official Website

  • Documentation:
    If you are using GNU/Linux, our wiki page will come handy. back to top

Event scheduler

  • Free Software used:
    Framadate is a Web application that helps you and your friends to find the best time to organise an event, or get a quick poll set up.
  • Link: framadate.nomagic.uk back to top

URL shortener

  • Free Software used:
    LSTU (Let’s Shorten That URL) is a Web application that generates short links from whatever link you feed it with. Firefox and Chrome extensions exist to make the process as simple as a mouse click!
  • Link: ln.nomagic.uk back to top

Private paste

  • Free Software used:
    PrivateBin is a quick and easy way to securely and temporarily share a piece of text online with anyone. The text are stored encrypted on the server for enforced privacy and security.
  • Link: paste.nomagic.uk back to top

Collaborative spreadsheet

  • Free Software used:
    EtherCalc, a Web spreadsheet with collaborative editing in real-time. Please note that the main developer has currently abandoned the project (!). This web application should not be considered as a “serious” alternative (not in its current state at least) to a locally installed spreadsheet software such as LibreOffice Calc.
  • Link: ethercalc.nomagic.uk back to top

News feeds generator

  • Free Software used:
    RSS-Bridge is a simple way to get RSS feeds on websites that do not provide them any more! News feeds are so nice and privacy-friendly, we need them back!
  • What we provide:
    Access to a pre-selected range of news feeds from our bridge. Nomagic users can request for additional bridges among the inactive ones.
  • Link: rss-bridge.nomagic.uk back to top

What’s next

On the updated road map is a microblogging tool connected to the fediverse. We have selected Plemora for this, and we will soon be getting started on this great FOSS web solution.
Another great tool would be Jitsi meet, a great platform-agnostic, video-conferencing solution that you can already check following the link to their official website. Having our own instance would allow us to be an active promoter of the product without using their resources.