Yearly update: 2023-2024

by Hostmaster

Merry Xmas & Best wishes

Keeping the ship afloat

We hope that everyone is able to celebrate this end of the year’s festivities with family and friends.

Nomagic is going steady with about 20 faithful members :blue_heart:.

The last months have not seen any major overhaul, but several issues have been addressed (backup & automatic updates). We are still hopeful to finish upgrading the remaining containers before new year.

Applications upgrades

The following applications have been upgraded to their latest stable versions:

For more details on each service, see our online catalog.

Bugs and issues

  • Framasoft officially announced their last release of Mobilizon some time ago. We have upgraded our container and tested the dual Nomagic / external users authentication again: Nope!

So, considering the amount of spam accounts and regular cleaning Mobilizon requires, and since of course we cannot have both public and Nomagic user bases, we are closing off Mobilizon as a publicly available service.

Coming up

web feeds

Our road map now includes:

Short-term objective

  • Migrate all our remaining servers to Debian 11 (Bullseye) & Debian 12 (Bookworm).
First trimester 2024
  • Get a working backup for our Postgresql database server
  • Set up a new monitoring solution for Nomagic, based on Zabbix :wrench: and Grafana :sparkles:

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